History of the Neutrino
September 5-7, 2018
Paris, France


Neutrinos play an exceptional role as well in particle or nuclear physics as in astrophysics. The purpose of the Conference is to cover the main steps of their History since the brilliant and inspired idea of Pauli in December 1930. Though trying to cover all the facets of this fascinating particle, it should be considered as a contribution to the History of the Neutrino, since some chapters are still to be written. The objective is, on each topic, to have a historian/historical approach and follow as close as possible the original papers in correlation with the scientific and historical context.
Most talks will be invited talks. However, we will welcome contributions by authors who would like to give their personal testimony on a topic (a committee will select between oral and/or written contributions and/or posters).

Credit: Nathan Bleurvacq - APC

Other photos from the conference can be seen HERE

Website ”History of the Neutrino

A follow-up of the conference is the first version of a website dedicated to the History of the Neutrino. On this new site you will find a timeline for the neutrino saga, a brief summary of the different topics of the neutrino physics and the neutrino sources and a selective bibliography focused on historical papers that can be used with keywords. You are invited to post comments, suggestions, corrections or personal anecdotes to enrich the history.